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60 Years in Business

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Why Choose Groomobile For Your Mobile Or Salon Pet Grooming?

Needless to say, choosing a groomer is one of the most important, personal, and difficult decisions pet owners have to make. Pets are family. Whether it is a nail trim or a full groom,  you want your pet to be treated with love, dignity and respect. With that in mind, how will you decide which groomer is best for you and your family? What attributes are you looking for in a groomer? Who are you going to trust with your pet? Here are a few questions you may want to ask prospective groomers.

Question: Which grooming company has the longest record of service?

Answer: Groomobile has served Tampa Bay since 1958. That is longer than anyone.

Question: Who employs the most experienced groomers?

Answer: Groomobile groomers average over 15 years of grooming experience.

Question: Who do my neighbors trust with their pets?

Answer: Groomobile has groomed more pets than any Florida company. No other groomer can say that.

Question: Do any grooming companies offer the choice of mobile and salon grooming service?

Answer: Groomobile has offered mobile and salon grooming services for decades.

Question: Does any grooming company survey their customers to be sure they are satisfied?

Answer: Believe it or not, Groomobile calls every new customer the first day after the first groom. Then, we send a written survey two weeks after the first groom. Over 98.5% of our survey respondents say, “We would recommend Groomobile to a friend.”

Question: Who offers the security of a thoroughly screened staff?

Answer: Groomobile is a drug free work place - and you will find that all Groomobile employees are courteous, competent, bonded, insured and dependable.

Question: Who has a track record of success in good times and bad? Some companies are here today and gone tomorrow.

Answer: Groomobile is, not only, one of the largest mobile groomers in Florida. Groomobile is one of the largest mobile groomers in the United States - and we owe it all to you Tampa Bay. We started here in 1958, this is the only market we have ever served, and we have no plans to go anywhere else.

Question: "I don't like to talk to answering machines. Does anyone provide real live human beings to answer my questions and scheduling needs?"
Answer: Groomobile has a staff of full time Relationship Managers answering the phones from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Saturday. One more thing: Our phones are answered right here in St Petersburg, FL.

Question: "I live in Clearwater, but I work on the other side of the Bay. Is there a grooming company that serves both areas?"
Answer: Groomobile serves a larger geographic area than any other Tampa Bay groomer, including Tampa, Riverview, St Petersburg, Largo, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Tarpon Springs, Trinity, all Pinellas County Beach Areas and many other cities.

Question: "Are any of the larger grooming companies locally owned? I prefer to keep my money in my community."

Answer: Groomobile is locally owned and family operated. That's the way we've done business since 1958. We're not some out of state or out of country franchise. We are beholden to only one community - Tampa Bay.

Question: Who has the most caring staff in the grooming industry?

Answer: Long before there was a national debate about health insurance, Groomobile offered its employees the very best health insurance available anywhere. In addition, to health benefits, Groomobile employees receive excellent compensation, generous vacations and a 401K Retirement Plan. Maybe that is why the average tenure of Groomobile's staff is more than 10 years. How does that benefit you? We take good care of our employees and they take care good of your pets.

There are lots of imitators - but there is only one Groomobile mobile pet salon. We helped create the mobile grooming industry and we strive to make it better every day. We look forward to the time when we can show you why Groomobile is Tampa Bay’s #1 choice for grooming.

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