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64 Years In Business

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Contact Groomobile for salon and mobile dog or cat grooming. Our mobile groomers will come to you anywhere in our service areas, whether you need nail trimming or complete pet grooming.

Service Areas

Tierra Verde, St Petersburg Beach, Treasure Island, St Petersburg, Gulfport, Kenneth City, Pinellas
Park, Largo, Seminole, Redington Shores, Redington Beach, Indian Rocks Beach, Clearwater,
Clearwater Beach, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor, Dunedin and Tarpon Springs.

St Petersburg, Gulfport, Treasure Island, Kenneth City and Pinellas Park

Prices & Services

Your pet will be treated to a soothing, warm water, hydrotherapy or hand therapy massage; the coat will be cleaned with high quality, natural, shampoos that will not interfere with flea treatments. The ears will be cleaned, the nails will be clipped (dremeling $10.00 extra,) anal glands will be checked (and expressed, if necessary) and the coat will be dried. Salon Bath prices start at $37.00. Mobile Bath prices start at $58.00. If you are quoted a lower bath price, by one of our competitors, be sure to ask if your pet will be bathed by a groomer or a "bather/brusher." If they answer: "bather/brusher" you might want to ask yourself, "Do I really want to put my pet in less qualified hands to save a couple of dollars?" At Groomobile, only experts handle pets.

Our "Full Groom" includes all the "Bath Only" services, listed above, plus your pet will be given a breed appropriate haircut. When our expert salon or mobile groomers are finished, your pet will look great and feel great. Your complete satisfaction is our goal. Salon Grooming prices start at $50.00 and Mobile Grooming prices start at $72.00. Cat grooming is available in most areas of Pinellas County.

Discounts, Policies and Suggestions

  • If your pet is groomed (or bathed) on a regular basis, you will receive the following Customer Loyalty Discounts: Weekly = $7/pet, 2 Weeks = $6/pet, 3 Weeks = $5/pet, 4 Weeks = $4/pet, 5 Weeks = $3/pet, 6 Weeks = $2/pet.
  • If we mobile groom (or bathe) 2 or more pets at one stop, you will receive the following Multi Pet Discounts: $4 for 2 pets, $10 for 3 pets, $18 for 4 pets and $28 for the 5 pets. Advance payment, in full, is required for stops with 4 or more pets.
  • Due to the popularity of our salon and mobile grooming services, please try to schedule at least one week in advance. For your convenience, we will be happy to schedule regular appointments (with reminder calls.) Our salon is located at 3900 49th St N, St. Petersburg, Florida.
  • All mobile grooming appointments are scheduled in 2-hour “blocks.” Therefore, if you have a 1:00-3:00 appointment, expect your groomer to arrive sometime between 1:01 and 2:59. If the groomer arrives any time within the “window” he/she is right on time.
  • Please have your dogs ready and waiting when the groomer arrives and please have your “kitties” in a carrier.
  • Pet weights will be verified by your Vet records or with a scale.
  • The price for nail trimming in our salon is $15. The price for nail trimming on our mobile service is $40 for the first pet, and $15 for each additional pet.
  • There will be a $8 additional charge for each area trimmed (face, feet, tummy, sanitary area, etc.) in combination with a bath.
  • Medicated or flea treatment shampoos are available for an additional $8 - $10. Pets with fleas will be treated automatically.
  • All prices are based on hair coats that are free of tangles, mats, debris, parasites, and excessive dirt. There will be an additional charge (based on $15 per 15 minutes) for pets with tangles, mats, debris, parasites, or excessive dirt.
  • If you must reschedule your mobile grooming appointment, please do so at least 48 hours in advance in order to avoid the $40/pet Missed Appointment Fee.
  • If we attempt but, for any reason, are unable to groom your pet you will be charged a $40/pet Trip Fee.
  • If your check is returned to us, we will ask you to replace the check with cash, plus pay a $35 Returned Check Fee.
  • Our groomers are well paid professionals. We want you to know that “tipping” is neither required, nor expected. However, it remains an appropriate way to say, “Thank you” for service that exceeds your expectations.

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